How to prepare for your birth story with Christy Morgan Photography:


Thank you for considering including me in your very special day. Birth stories are a passion of mine and something I really pour my heart in to. Perhaps it's my years of experience in health care or just being a Mom myself- but I am drawn to the excitement, thrill and the emotion of welcoming a new baby. The facial expressions, the chaos, the undeniable love.. the story. It melts my heart!

How to schedule your birth story:

Scheduling your birth story can be both a scary and exciting time! It means THIS IS REAL! Congratulations on your bundle(s) of joy! 

To start, just inquire. I will need some important information when we speak. Such as:

Due Date:


Delivery Hospital:

Birth plan:

First child?:

From there, I require a nonrefundable retainer fee of $200 to be put on my 'Due Date' schedule. This, of course, will be deducted from your total package price. Remaining balance is due when I arrive for the birth.


Basically what's next is: we become best friends. My phone number will need to go into your phone as well as your spouse's phone. Beginning at 36 weeks, I request weekly updates after every doctor appointment. Once you are 38 weeks, I request an update every 3 days. Nothing fancy just a "Hey! Just checking in, everything is going great! Talk to you soon!" is always sufficient. This is all important- SUPER IMPORTANT for several reasons:

*I have a child. If my husband is at work, I need ample time to get her to a babysitter and make it to the hospital.

*Communication IS what will ensure I am there for the birth of your baby.

*I put myself on "call" to YOU 2 weeks prior to your due date, so I am literally waiting on you. Updates keep me at ease. 

*I photograph birth stories in the tristate area, some hospitals take up to 40+ minutes for me to arrive to.. add getting childcare to that if necessary, the earliest heads up- the better!

*You can't over update me.. even if it's a false alarm, I need to know.


When I arrive to the hospital (pending on how much time we have before the baby arrives) I like to get a few detail shots. Pretend I'm not there! Easier said than done, I'm sure. However, that is the point. I want to capture your story as it is. Not posed, nothing out of your norm. When I arrive I turn ALL the lights on. Why? Because in order to obtain optimal shots of your story, I need light. Hospital lighting isn't all that great as it is so I need all the help I can get to help get the images you expect. This is another reason that a lot if not the majority of your birth story will be in black and white. Other than the fact that I am in love with black and white images, I find that it also helps in telling your story. It shows emotion and depth- both are things I aim to succeed in. 

After the baby arrives I love to stay and capture the baby's first bath, footprints & measurements if done in a timely manner. I am aware it all takes a good amount of time, I just request it is done ASAP per Mother's request so I can be sure to capture it. Some hospitals require a 24 hour skin to skin (meaning no bath, etc until the following day) and that's great! In that case between the Mother, nursing staff and myself we come up with a time that works for all of us and I come back to get that while I am photographing your complimentary lifestyle session.

The turnaround time for your images can be up to 4-6 weeks pending on my current workload. Images will be mailed to your home on a USB drive with a print release for you to print as you wish. I only reccommend using for quality photos. You also have the option of printing professionally through myself, I offer a variety of professional products for you to choose from. 

What is a hospital lifestyle session?

A Hospital Lifestyle session is your next day complimentary session. It takes roughly an hour and usually done mid to late morning. I prefer to come when you have no guests and like to schedule a time before I leave the hospital the day your baby is born.

For a timeless image and one that truly reflects your hospital stay, I prefer to keep newborns in their hospital kimono top or a simple bodysuit. Your family cannot wait to see every inch of your new child, so it is my hope to not cover him/her in clothes and accessories that detract from how  perfect he/she already is. For a flare of uniqueness and individuality in your collection, I would encourage families to bring a couple of swaddle blankets that can be used to wrap your baby in. There are several retailers that offer beautiful three pack swaddles in coordinating colors. Aden and Anais and Tula offer beautiful muslin and bamboo fiber swaddles that will be lasting staples for any little in the first year of life.

Mothers also can choose to make their sessions a little more personal by bringing in a pretty shorty robe (also convenient for nursing mommas in the first days of life) or plan to put on their own "going home" outfit. If your hair is a wreck and your make up isn't applied, don't fret. A clean face and a good brush through is all you need to plan for. The focus of this collection is on your baby and the bond you share. 

what to expect when I arrive for your hospital lifestyle session:

There are a few steps I take in every session when I first arrive. I will always open up the shades to flood your room with natural light. As well, I will turn off any ambient lights in the room as they produce an unflattering yellow in your photographs. I'll then tidy up the room a little bit. This might include moving bags, unmaking dad's sleep nest on the couch and putting it aside, or even moving a few things into the bathroom to make enough space to move around easily. Let's be honest, hospital post partum rooms are small and it's easy to find your possessions have become scattered in the few hours you've been there.  But a little tidying goes a long way in terms of having a beautiful collection of images!