Nick + Morgan | Lockegee Engagement


Nick + Morgan | Lockegee Engagement

My very first blog.. is this real life? Why did I wait so long.


Oh, I know.. because they needed to be my first. Meet Nick and Morgan. 

I first met them when Morgan sent an email inquiry for an engagement session Fall 2017. Which soon followed up with a "Just kidding, we now (first) need a MATERNITY session" email. But how awesome for them!? 

We scheduled and finally met (in person) the day of their maternity session. You know how you can semi read people when you first meet them? I knew instantly I loved them. Their chemistry was infectious. Her style was my jam. Their positive attitudes were very welcoming and 100% refreshing and they didn't care. They did not know me at this point yet they did not care what we done over the next 30 minutes we spent together. If you saw their maternity session (here's a preview) then you saw how in love they are with each other and the baby they were about to have. They literally needed no instruction on how to pose, act or "be" because they just got it. 

They soon after welcomed sweet baby Eldon and I was there to capture some of his first moments when he was 1 day old just before Christmas. While I was photographing the maternity session she mentioned how she wanted ME to be her wedding photographer. ME. Ummmm yes, please. I'd be honored. 


The day finally came when Morgan reached out to actually book her wedding (I may have done a happy dance) and we met up and went over all the details. She listened, she asked for help, we shared stories, ideas, vendor suggestions, etc and it was official! I was thrilled! So when it came time for her engagement photos, she told me she didn't even have plans on doing them. However, since her wedding package had them included she wanted to schedule. We discussed what she had in mind for them as far as wardrobe, locations, etc and she handed me the reins. Have I mentioned I love her? 

We picked the date, the wardrobe and searched high and low for the perfect top that would compliment the dramatic skirt. Morgan pulled it all together with Nicks wardrobe and she absolutely shined that day. We met local and drove the 80 miles together to Lockegee. We hiked the path through the woods loaded down with camera bags, a drone, 2 large trash bags holding skirts, flowers, etc. and started the steep climb up the rock passing along items as we climbed. When we finally reached the top, it set in to them just WHY we came here. This was hands down one of my favorite sessions of all time because we had the perfect day. The weather was on point, the sunset was pure magic, everything just worked so well and Weber's Florist & Gifts (Ironton, OH) provided us with the perfect bouquet to make their moment even more special. 

So with their wedding less than a month away, we've been joking if/how these photos will top their engagement session. But I KNOW the entire day for them will be everything they've dreamt of. They are planning an outdoor ceremony AND reception, dancing under the stars, writing their own vows while celebrating with their new baby boy, closest friends and family. 


I can't wait to spend that day with you both! XO

Florals: Weber's Florist & Gifts (Ironton, OH)